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Apostle of the Future with Apostle Ashleigh Claytor

Jul 19, 2022

Today's podcast digs into a subject that seems to have fallen out of conversational topics which is consequences. In an era of social media driven mantras of 'living in the moment', it is important now more than ever to talk with our teens about the future and not only "what they want to be when they grow up".

Take initiative to the next step by purchasing my custom made Parent's Lesson Plan on how to address the subject of consequences with your teen. The information in your document is meant to give insight and assistance to you as a parent, guardian, or teacher in addressing challenging subjects with your teenager. The worksheet includes definitions to what will be addressed and four sections: A) The Prevailing Obstacles B) What Culture is Saying C) What Scripture Says and D) Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Teen. 

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